Steel Brand Aerosols. Tough Enough for Every Application.

Steel Brand™ SBL Series Silicone Spray
Eliminate annoying squeaks, sticking and corrosion with this all-purpose spray-on lubricant and release agent. Steel Brand SBL Series Silicone Spray leaves no greasy film, and is not affected by water or oil, and will not freeze or melt. Aerosol Product Table

Usage: plastic moldings, converters & printers, heat sealers, metals, automotive belts, rubber mountings and more.

Steel Brand™ SBL Series 4-Way Penetrating Lubricant
Heavy duty and fast acting – loosens rust and corrosion where metal touches metal. Steel Brand SBL Series 4-Way Penetrating Lubricant utilizes a non-conductive formula which displaces moisture, lubricates, and never dries. Aerosol Product Table

Usage: locks, hinges, and other moving parts.

Steel Brand™ SBL Series Chain & Cable Lubricant
This premium chain lube reduces friction and wear for longer chain life. Ideal for exposed chains – Steel Brand SBL Series Chain & Cable Lubricant penetrates rapidly into hard to reach places. Adheres and forms a lubricating film that cannot be wiped away. Aerosol Product Table

Usage: chain and cable-driven production and packaging equipment.

Steel Brand™ SBS Series Solvent Degreaser
Simply spray and wipe clean. It’s that easy to loosen dirt, grease or soil with Steel Brand SBS Series Solvent Degreaser. Ideal for oil stains, tar, adhesive marks and fresh paint. Aerosol Product Table

Usage: fork lifts, diesel engines, air compressors, chains, components, ink & printing equipment and more.

Steel Brand™ SBA Series General Purpose Mist Adhesive
Use Steel Brand SBA Series General Purpose Mist Adhesive for both temporary and permanent bonds. Versatile and ideal for use in packaging, lightweight bonding and fabricating, labeling and shipping applications. Aerosol Product Table

Usage: wood or metal to acrylics, paper/cardboard, fabric, felt and more.

Steel Brand™ Benchtop Aerosols

Product No. Description Case
225600 SBS Series Solvent Degreaser 12 (20 oz.) cans
225601 SBL Series Silicone Spray 12 (12 oz.) cans
225603 SBL Series 4-Way Penetrating Lubricant 12 (15 oz.) cans
225604 SBA Series General Purpose Mist Adhesive 12 (13 oz.) cans
225605 SBL Series Chain & Cable Lubricant 12 (15 oz.) cans



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